Tuesday, August 19, 2014

URGENT: Trauma/Crisis Speakers Needed for staff training this Thursday at Ferguson-Florissant School District

Plea from Yolanda "Yodie" Rodgers-Garvin - Ferguson-Florissant District Social Worker

"Hello Friends, It's me Yolanda "Yodie" Rodgers-Garvin writing to share a need from Ferguson-Florissant School District (my employer) in response to the crisis happening in the City of Ferguson. We are in need of individuals (social workers, counselors or like professionals) or a group of agency presenters to share their expertise on Dealing, Recognizing and Assisting with Trauma/Crisis in school-age students, THIS THURSDAY, AUGUST 21 from 8 AM - NOON in order to help our students when they return to school on Monday. Presenters can share their knowledge in either 2 or 4 hours blocks of time. We are in need of 24 professionals to provide training in various buildings throughout the school district. The audience will be school building staff (Principals, teachers, custodial staff, administrative assistants, administration etc.) up to 100 or more staff per building. We know this is a very broad topic and want to convey to anyone who speaks that your creativity and information shared can be diverse in the way your message is presented. PowerPoint equipment will be available. Please call me, Yolanda Rodgers-Garvin for presentation details at 314-606-5787. If you cannot reach me, feel free to contact the individuals listed below for more details. If you or your group would like to be a speaker for our training contact: Jennifer Lane, Counseling Coordinator at 314-630-2792 or jlane@fergflor.org. You may also contact Aimee Cacciatore, Director of Student Services at 314-541-5806 or Acacciatore@fergflor.org. 
Thank you so very much, 
Yolanda Rodgers-Garvin 
Ferguson-Florissant District Social Worker Office: 314-839-5959 (ext 280) Cell: 314-960-5593 (cell) yrodgers-garvin@fergflor.org www.fergflor.org"

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