Monday, August 25, 2014

Hearts for Ferguson

Art therapist Susie Dietz McGaughey started an initiative at her work place, Great Circle, to support all the students in the Ferguson, MO, community and hopes that other schools and agencies will join her effort.

Susie was inspired by the I LOVE FERG campaign going on in the neighborhood and the desire of her students and staff to reach out and offer love and support to the children and families of Ferguson. Ferg/Flor students are finally headed back to school this week and they want to shower them with HEARTS to wear on their shirts or tie to their backpacks as a symbol of love and support t. There are over 11,000 students in the district so they need A LOT of hearts :)! Susie invites you, your kids, your students, your churches, your whole neighborhood to join Great Circle in creating Hearts For Ferguson as a symbol of community love and support!

Instructions are simple. Create a heart, cut it out, punch a hole in it and attach some ribbon or yarn. Use whatever materials you'd like but keep hearts on the smaller side...they will need to hang on backpacks or attach to shirts. Feel free to include a message but please keep them hopeful and positive as these will be going to young children. 

You can drop them off to me, Susie McGaughey, at Great Circle's Edgewood Children's Center campus or mail them there:

Attn: Susie McGaughey
Art Therapist
Great Circle
Edgewood Children's Center Campus
330 N. Gore
St. Louis, MO 63119

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