Saturday, September 14, 2013

Art Outside

It is becoming a yearly tradition for the Missouri Art Therapy Association to have a booth in Art Outside. Art Outside is an event sponsored by Schlafly Bottleworks where St. Louis Area artists can exhibit their works in this three-day-long juried alternative art fair. The 2013 Schlafly Art Outside took place from September 6 to 8 and for the third year, MATA decided to contribute by offering the opportunity to create art with a "twist" and at no cost.

This year, the participants were asked to create St. Louis based Wish Flags, inspired by Tibetan prayer flags.  Stencils of the Arch and a large assortment of community based papers and flyers were available at the booth to created the flags. They were then stringed around the MATA tent.  Participants were encouraged to write a hope or wish for their community on flags to be sent out into the world as the wind blew them.   

During the three days event, a large crowd took advantage of this opportunity to create art and send positive messages into the world. Many thanks to Natalie and Susie for developing and organizing this successful experience and anyone who volunteered to make it happen.  




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