Monday, March 14, 2011

21 Secrets :: An Art Journal Playground

Join 21 amazingly talented artists
(including 4 art therapists, one of which is our very own MATA Vice President Kelley)
21 Secrets: An Art Journal Playground.

Kelley will be presenting a workshop entitled:

Art journaling is about expression, both written and visual, of emotions and thoughts; it is a space for questions that may not have answers, a place for thoughts that may otherwise not have a home, a safe container for emotions so that they do not have to be loose in the world.

This workshop will demonstrate how to make pockets, envelopes, pop-ups, flaps, doors and windows— to make spaces for the questions, to make places for the thoughts, and to make homes for the emotions. Along with the techniques we will explore ways to use dimension to maximize expression (both artistic expression and expression of self).

Read about all the workshops here

21 Secrets is ON SALE TODAY
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