Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the Spot: Kara Jacob

We are introducing a new feature on the blog, a periodic art therapist spotlight. For the first spotlight we have Kara Jacob, the current MATA president.

Kara Danuta Jacob (Michalak)

Favorite color

Describe yourself in 3 words
umm whiney, bullheaded, and loud. hehe, seriously I would say giving, loyal, and goofy

What inspires you
nature, my children, my husband, God, color, 97.7 FM

Something you are proud of
my beadweaving design being published in Bead & Button magazine
Favorite art medium
when I want to feel productive: beads, when I feel inspired: drawing pencils, when i feel expressive: oil pastels

An artist who inspires you
My dad, who continued to create right up until his death.

Favorite quote
"SQUIRREL!", (sorry I have kids), I tell my clients "You may make a mistake today, but it is not the end of your chances, growth is in how you handle your mistake, and what you look like over time"

What brought you to art therapy
I have always loved art, and was driven to help others in need after becoming a teenage mom. Someone introduced me to art therapy as I was completing my sociology degree. I have never looked back.

Population you work with
I work in a 'severe provider residential facility' with girls between the ages of 11 and 18. They are all severely abused, have multiple diagnoses, and have an IQ no higher than 70. It is a daily challenge to break through their resistance, overcome their mental limitations, and give them a voice to confront all the pain in their past but when this is achieved it is awesome to see them blossom.

Favorite experiential
I had my clients watch the music video for Man in the Mirror. After watching the video we went through the lyrics and then created visual responses to the message and how it related to their own experiences. After this was done we then created a music video response offering 'advice' to the viewers showing the images and poems the clients had made. This whole process took about 2 months.

A MATA member you would like to know more about and a question you have for them
Julie Gant—My question is: As a mother of three, how does your career as an Art Therapist influence your relationship with your children?

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