Friday, October 8, 2010

Get ready everyone for the 2011 MATA Membership Drive!

We're kicking-off the membership drive for the Missouri Art Therapy Association starting now in October and you can begin renewing your AATA and MATA memberships on-line for 2011 NOW!

All members of the Missouri Art Therapy Association (MATA) HAVE to be members of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA).

If you're looking to become a member for the first time, or you've let your membership expire, I'll explain some options for becoming an AATA member coming up. You can renew on-line or join for the first time on-line and take care of AATA and MATA memberships simultaneously.

Go to: and follow links to renew membership (or "join now" if you are a new member or your membership has expired).

If RENEWING your AATA membership:
Select the correct membership level for AATA and add to your cart.
Then search for "Chapter - Missouri Art Therapy Association," we're listed on page 4.
Again, choose the correct membership level. You cannot join as a "Friend of MATA" if you are an art therapist: this category is for individuals in neighboring fields who want to support MATA.
You might notice that the expiration dates are incorrect and it appears that you're only renewing for the rest of 2010. The AATA Membership Chairperson will update this to reflect your membership as expiring 12/31/2011.

Fill out the "membership application," choose the correct membership level, then search for "Chapter - Missouri Art Therapy Association" and choose the correct membership level again.

  1. Invitation to the Members Only Blog. Here we will be posting privileged information for only MATA Members, which will not go out onto the public blog. Included in this will be job postings. So as a MATA member, you will have access to job postings that others will not have access to.
  2. On the public blog we have a tab for MATA Directory. This is a section where you can advertise your services, whether that be private practice, supervision, or the ability to do presentations. 
  3. Discounted rates to workshops. 
  4. Health and Life Insurance benefits consulting for individuals and organizations. 
Please contact: Julie Gant, MATA Membership Chair with any questions

We look forward to meeting new members and appreciate the renewal of membership from our existing members!

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