Sunday, September 19, 2010

Art Therapy Swap Meet

Despite the weather, there was a tremendous turnout for the swap meet, and tremendous creative energy with the interventions shared. Everyone had a great time talking and sharing interventions, and everyone walked away with new "tools for their toolbelt!"

Thanks to all the presenters:
  • Bill Schwartz — Social Dialogue
  • Fabia D'Amore-Krug — Intergenerational Group
  • Julie Gant — Pediatric Art Groups
  • Katy Bockelman-Sanders and Natalie Nauert-Coriell — Community Art Therapy
  • Kelley Brown — Art Journaling and Self-Care
  • Nancy Sill — Fiber/Fabric Art


  1. Super cool! Wish I could have been there. What intervention were the leaves?

  2. It was Fabia's presentation on intergenerational groups... Very cool.

    Wish you could have been there too!


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