Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ARTSY 2010

MATA hosts a yearly exhibition of children's art therapy called ARTSY. As part of the event, MATA chooses a few of the client images to be used in the graphic design promotion of the event. A community graphic designer is then paired with the artist to create the promotional materials for the event.

Here are the poster and postcard for this year:

This painting is a collaborative piece in loving memory of Alexis. She was a wonderful artist and she was the type of person that wanted everyone to get along. We found her last drawing in her desk. It reminded us of an angel, so we decided to finish the drawing for her in hopes that her memory will live on. ~ Created by students at Every Child’s Hope

“This is my protector. He’ made out of everybody that I know and love who protects me and helps me not to be afraid of scary things. He also protects a world of my imagination, dreams and memories. He has a big job protecting 2 things that require great responsibility over them. I think my protector is alive sometimes because sometimes he feels warm.” ~ Dylan

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