Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ARTSY 2007

What is special about the Therapeutic Youth Art Exhibition is that each piece of artwork is accompanied by an artist statement. The statement provides the opportunity for the youth to express their thoughts and feelings about their creations and/or talk about what the art means to them. The youth are free to express their feelings because their confidentiality is maintained. Only first names or pseudo names, age, sex, title, material used, and the artistic statement are displayed. Most participants are from residential or therapeutic settings such as children’s homes, counseling centers, detention centers, hospitals, schools, shelters, or rehabilitation centers. The youth often deal with issues of abuse, neglect, life changes, behavioral problems, or life threatening situations.

In addition to creating art for the show, the children are also given an opportunity to participate alongside art professionals in a youth mentor ship position. Various positions are advertised such as: youth curator, youth poster designer, youth invitation designer, and docent. The youth are encouraged to apply for a position by writing a letter and sending in artwork. The ARSTY network reads the letters, votes, and assigns the child to a position. All children who apply are assigned a position and are awarded with art supplies for their participation.

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